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ABOUT US - Background

Founded in 1996 by William Ahern in Portugal, Aneid Produtos Farmacêuticos Lda has three affiliates Aneid Italia (Italy), Atena (Spain), and Aneid UK Ltd (United Kingdom).

In the United Kingdom, Aneid UK Ltd is focused on three therapeutic areas:

I) Physiotherapy:

a) Cure Tape for use as neuromuscular tape in general physiotherapy and pediatric physiotherapy.

b) Punch Tape for use as neurmuscular tape in lymphatic drainage.

c) Vet Kin Tape for use as neuromuscular tape in horses and small animals

d) Cross Tape for use in trigger points

e) Menstrual Tape for reducing pain and discomfort associated with menstral cycle.

f) Cross Tape for use in trigger points

g) Happy Strap for use as a restraining harness for children with hypertonia associated with Down Syndrome.

h) Text books on Neuromuscular Tape applications

About us

II) Courses on Advanced Applications of Neuromuscular Taping

Tthe Aneid Group conducts over 200 courses per year in Southern Europe and Latin America (presentation). In the United Kingdom, Aneid UK Ltd organizes 15 hour courses in the application of neuromuscular taping (also known as Kinesio Taping) in the following areas:

a) Basic Course

b) Advanced Course

b) Pediatric Course

b) Speech therapy Course

b) Lymphatic Drainage Course

b) Occupational Therapy Course

b) Neurology Course (18 hours)

b) Osteopathy Course

b) Sports Injury Course

III) Supplements for Food Intolerance

a) Hericor-MRL- a combination of mushrom bomass of Hericium enrinaceus and Corilus versicolor in used to support immune system and to decrease oxidative stress.

b) Intest Aid IB a scientifically balanced blend of nucleotides with Glutamine and B Vitamins used to promote intestinal health.

b) Speak, a dietary supplement containing Omege 3 combination with GLA, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which is used to support overall health.