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Aneid is focused on marketing “niche” healthcare products and medical techniques that provide healthcare practitioners with efficacious and cost effective tools to serve their respective patient groups.

Aneid believes the future of the healthcare system will be impacted by greater:

a. reductions in government reimbursement rates as a result of financial budgetary constraints; b. reliance on generic pharmaceutical products; c. reliance on patient contribution to health care costs as private insurance firms reduce overall medical support and reimbursement amounts; d. reliance on the screening diagnostic devices to determine “viral causation”, “genetic proclivities” or “specific biomarkers” potentially responsible for the development of serious medical conditions which in turm, will lead to a reliance on nutritional recommendations by medical doctors as opposed to prescriptions for pharmaceutical products.

These trends will incentivize the healthcare practitioners to provide their patients with non-reimbursed, cost-effective and efficacious products and techniques focused on either preventative care or non-invasive rehabilitation.