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Vet Kin

VetkinTape® is a neuromuscular tape developed for veterinary professionals.
Ventilation in VetkinTape® allows the skin to breath, prevents moisture build-up, and helps to avoid rashes. The elasticity of VetkinTape® is designed to fit on any part of the body of the horse, without restriction in range of motion. A mild heat sensitive acrylic adhesive is used to prevent skin irritation. The adhesive does not apply unnecessary tension to the skin.

One of the basic theories is that by influencing the fascia, a corresponding impact is noted in the muscles and in organs.

After application, the taped skin will form convolutions ("wrinkles") when the skin and muscles contract back to their normal position. When the skin is "lifted" by this technique, the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid beneath the skin improves.

The main functions of VetkinTape® are:

  • - To reduce inflammation and associated pain
  • - To reduce swelling and edema
  • - To re-educate muscle memory
  • - To support ligaments, tendons and joints
  • - To prevent injury and speed recovery
  • - To support injury rehabilitation
  • - To increase circulation and promote healing